Beeson TownHomes Set To Break Ground

Sleighter Design, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) is set to break ground on the Beeson TownHomes in Uniontown, PA. The development will be implemented in the east end neighborhoods of Uniontown including East End, Gallatin Avenue and LaFayette, which are frequently identified as some of the more challenged areas of Fayette County. The scattered site development will include multiple parcels in concentrated, strategic areas of these neighborhoods including apartment units, townhomes and single family homes.

The development will consist of seven two-bedroom and four three-bedroom newly constructed single family homes averaging 1,145 to 1443 square feet, respectively. In addition, two two-bedroom townhomes will be constructed on the site, as well. Lastly, 24 one- and two-bedroom apartment units will be constructed on two separate sites in the neighborhood. It is anticipated that tenant-paid rents will range between $130 and $821 per month.

To assure long-term resalue value and energy efficiency, the units will include energy efficient building materials and appliances, central AC, and wall-to-wall carpeting. The units will be digitally accessible and certified to meet criteria for Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Operational Savings, and Sustainable Building Practices. In addition to meeting these requirements, the homes will meet other standards set by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) to ensure additional health and safety features for the residents. Four of the homes will be fully-handicapped accessible units, and all homes will include visit-ability features.

Sleighter Design is a Fayette-County based multidisciplinary engineering, architecture and surveying firm. We are experienced in providing design and professional services to a wide range of clients including redevelopment authorities, housing authorities, developers, and private clients and have completed over $125 million in multi-family housing projects.