Driven by the ability to design better and create a lasting impact.

One of the most unique aspects of Sleighter Design is the distinct culture that our team has created, built around a simple statement, ‘Design For Better.’ We recognize the opportunity to utilize each of our talents and passion to create meaningful solutions and impact for our clients, as well as, our community.

We take pride in being a purpose-driven company, inspired be creativity, opportunity and local impact. We fully believe that our purpose is not only about doing what we love and enjoy, but doing it to serve a bigger mission.

When you work with a team of equally driven, passionate and talented individuals, it drives you to be the best version of yourself, each and every day. And when you work for a company that not only supports but encourages out of the box thinking, it creates the ideal environment to foster solutions for our customers.

Sean Keffer,
Architectural Designer
3D Visual Design Specialist

Team-Focused Office Culture

Family Atmosphere

The Sleigher Design Team is built on trust and our core values. We collectively celebrate each member’s success and listen to design thoughts that allow for creative design solutions.

We Are Pro People

When you are part of the Sleighter team, you become a part of a work-family that supports one another. And being a part of our team is not limited to just our employees, but also our clients, contractors and community. In our mission to design for better, we always look for ways to create the most meaningful partnerships or relationships for our people.

Integrity & Trust

Integrity and trust are the foundation of our teamwork. We believe those instilled with integrity will strive to produce the highest quality work on time, regardless of the task. This then creates a mutual trust that recognizes that everything we do impacts our company, our team and our clients.

Have Fun

As simple as it sounds, we take pride in providing an environment that allows our team to have fun and be themselves. When you enjoy your work, it makes going into the office more fun and allows you to do your best work. After all, we spend a large chunk of our time together, and feel that time should be both enjoyable and fulfilling.

We Are Community-Driven

At Sleighter Design, we were founded on the principle of helping others. Not only in our ability to help provide professional engineering and architectural services, but that we want to help in any means that we can. And for over 25 years, we have continued to operate under that philosophy. We are actively involved in our local community from volunteering efforts and sponsorships to providing leadership for our community organizations.

As the saying goes, ‘It takes a village’ and the team at Sleighter Design is dedicated to doing all that we can to help create a positive impact in our community.