Fostering Innovation, Driven from Experience, Guided by Integrity

Sleighter Design is an award winning, multi-disciplinary engineering, architecture design and surveying firm located in Lemont Furnace, PA. Founded by Robert W. Sleighter, P.E., in 1995, our company has over 25 years experience providing quality services throughout the Pittsburgh and surrounding area, complete with a staff of the hardest working and highly trained industry professionals.

Guided by our hundreds of completed projects, we take pride in having created a solid reputation for integrity, quality and technical proficiency.

Sleighter Design was founded on the idea of providing the highest quality engineering and architectural services in the industry, while fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. 26 years later, we still operate under this same core philosophy, while continuously evolving to provide the most value for not only our clients, but our team, families and our community, as well.

Rob Sleighter,
President, Sleighter Design

The Sleighter Advantage

Broad Capabilities

We are honored to offer a range of engineering, architectural and surveying services under one roof. We are equipped to provide design and professional services to a wide range of clients including architects, redevelopment authorities, housing authorities, developers, and private clients.


The use of cutting-edge technology for design enhances the quality of our work and provides tools for team members to be productive and empowered. Team members are encouraged to keep up-to-date with technology and continue to lead us into the future of design.

Collaborative Approach

Each team member, each department, each project is lead by example. Each member has a contribution to bring to each department. Each department plays a key role in the design of each project. Each successfully completed project builds our vision, our passion, our motivation and our experience.

Modern Workplace

From the first look, our office is modern. Once through the office doors, the modern look is supported by electronics, software, hardware and equipment. Sleighter Design continues to upgrade and incorporate modern advancements to assist employees to complete their design tasks.

  • 1995

    Sleighter Engineering established (Licensed Engineering Firm)

  • 2003

    Sleighter Engineering Incorporated

  • 2008

    Survey Crew established

  • 2012

    RW Sleighter, LLC established (Licensed Architecture Firm)

  • 2020

    Sleighter Design established